CPO Unstoppable Rocket? Or…. Ranging?

CPO Unstoppable Rocket? Or…. Ranging?

What’s other factors would continue to move palm oil prices?
1. India imports hit 12-months low on sky high prices in CPO . This may led to demand further decline as buyers are price sensitive as it relies on imports for 60% of its needs. Currently, India rely on existing stockpiles and incoming domestic rapeseed crop to meet domestic demand
2. Revision of export restriction from Indonesia as food protectionism grows. Companies need to allocate 30% of exports for home market. Government are taking steps to safeguard domestic food supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
3. Malaysia announced, the border restrictions is entering endemic phase start from 1st of April 2022 , which also means that more foreign workers arrive in May and June.
4. Soybean oil lower after USDA ( United States of Department Agriculture) monthly forecasts showed world soybean supplies above expectations.
5. Declined in crude oil prices reduce demand for biodiesel blending.

Technical View:
1. Again shooting star formed as profit taking after touched on historical high at 7268 which indicate sell signal.
2. Stochastic K% line is moving up in weekly and crossed up in daily chart which indicates market likely to resume its uptrend

We have mixed signals this week. We expect market may move within range of 6500-7100.

Suggestion Trade:
Short if stay below 6600
Target Stop Loss ( resistance level ) 6783
Target Profit level ( support level )
TP1 6417 TP2 6051

Long if stay above 7000
Target Stop Loss ( support level ) 6817
Target Profit level ( resistance level )
TP1 7183 TP2 7549


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