Daily perspective on NG

Daily perspective on NG

Even though there just has been a nice retracement to the upside, Long Term I am looking to the down side with a target around 3000, 2800 area to take profit, we could see a corrrection to the upside from this area, a very large HSH is starting form, this also is indicating further more to the down side. Support is around 3750 that is also close to the neckline, so more than likely there will be divergence in this area, so a good way to trade that is off a smaller time frames, favouring your bits to the downside, good luck lets see what plays out.

If you are new to trading check out Telegram for trading idea´s

I am just starting a new channel there where I will be posting trades with SL, long term target prices with estimated times, hours, days, weeks to stay in a trade, with and estimate of when you should start seeing profit, pro traders say you are trading the wrong way when you get draw down but this should not matter when SL is placed correct, because the value of the stop loss is also how you work out your risk to reward RR.


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