ES – Weekly Probability – Day 68 April 1st Lows Possible

ES – Weekly Probability – Day 68 April 1st Lows Possible

The ES appears to be in need of the Final Capitulation for Lows.

A managed decline has been underway for some time since the beginning of the Year
after tests in September and November.

TNX / 10 Year Yields will assume the pivotal role now in how the ES concludes this correction. Were Yields to begin a sharp
rise after Wednesday, the correction would continue for several weeks into the Larger 68 Count, concluding on April 1st.

There is presently a wide range within the Safety Zone, 3609.375 – 3621.775 – below a clear break
of the 3588.25 Pivot at 3571.25. This would imply a Multi-year Bear Market has taken hold.

3837.25 – 3850.0 is the Hybrid Range the higher end of this extension trading between 3910.25 and 3994.0.

The War will continue its disturbance to Global Markets – Oil will as well as it attempts to achieve the 141.11s.

Bonds remain in Trend, severely weakened – The DX appears to be attempting a fill near 104 should the FOMC announce
50 Basis Points as we believe will be employed to falsely reign in inflation .

I do not see the Lows for Equities arriving until both Fiscal and Monetary Policy shift to a more aggressive stance – we had signs
of this Friday as the Senate voted on a Government Funding measure to provide DC its entitled Grift.

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