Essay: the Big Picture for the Big One

Essay: the Big Picture for the Big One

Those roaming here to experience the thrill a close-up market crack post-2008 are right into it. Good news is it’s already been 3 months of it, contained to American markets; real economy, and worldwide one are still on safe reef

3 Coming to mind: flash2020, 2008 real horror year long, and legendary 1929 still on track; have to mention 2000 tech bubble, 1970′ oil crisis.
Got self surprised looking at 2000′ with 75% drop of NSDQ from 4000 in regards of 2008 fall from 3000

3 current macro drivers inflation<growth, Russia Ukraine casus belli, not so cheap CAPE PERs + environmental unspoken concern
So go commodities , foreign markets and exchanges to cover your big asses buddies or run away form the scraper on fire : portfolio, lo-risk beta and so on
Plenty of room for Indices shorters, hedgers, hunters of J curve

Weekly and monthly indicators are still GREEN; also there is a Bear Engulfing signal early 2022 as of 2008

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