Morning Ideas February 22, 2022

Morning Ideas February 22, 2022

Morning Traders!

I probably should have done morning ideas yesterday, but I don’t usually do them on holidays due to the lack of movement. However, this market is volatile even on holidays!

We saw a big gap down overnight on escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia. I would imagine the combo between that situation, and the FED rate hike, we will continue to see an unstable kind of market.

Near the end of the video this morning, I talk about the mistake of getting too much size on in a market like this. It’s absolute poison to your longevity as a trader. Some of our prop traders were sized WAY TOO BIG last night, and were fortunate they weren’t wiped out completely.

Remember, your risk of ruin is 100% if you put too much risk on any one trade. Even with a 99% probability (which doesn’t exist) the 1% trade will wipe you out.

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