NQ: Todays Marketview & Setups

NQ: Todays Marketview & Setups

Hello everyone, I’d like to share with you todays NQ trading levels.

1: Market is still lower highs and lower lows. We want to go with the market sentiment so we are looking for sell opportunities today.

2: Our last high @ around 14155 is our key resistance zone .

3: If the market opens below resistance and stays in value area, we consider our first sell opportunity at the key resitance zone.

4: If the price goes below our support zone @ around 13870 before or right after market openging, we see another sell opportunity at our previous support zone which would be our new key resistance zone .

5: As the market sentiment is still bearish , we don’t want to look for buys. However there is an opportunity to buy if price breaks our last high @ 14155. Therefore we need some bullish momentum and a nice and clean retest of the previous selling zone.

Please let me know your thoughs and if you like the idea.